Q: What is the best thing about being a Dad?
A: Cuddles on tap, and getting to eat all the leftover food that your kids don’t want.

Q: What is the worst thing about being a Dad?
A: Realising that the leftovers you are eating are soggy and have, in all likelihood, already been in your child’s mouth.

Q: What is the toughest thing about being a Dad?
A: Not being able to watch the sports news uninterrupted.
Q: What are your superhero skills?
A: Geez, where do I start… here are a few:
•  An ability to eat an ungodly amount of saveloy sausages at kids’ parties.
•  I’m allergic to cats, so can’t have them as pets. Some would say that isn’t a superpower, but we both know they are actually evil.
•  Being able to walk quite fast.
Q: Are the rumours true that your cape is made of bacon?
A: I can’t say.
Q: Why are you writing this blog?
A: My kids do a lot of funny things. I wanted to share that with the world. Read the full reasons behind this blog in the post: Up, up and away.
Q: What do you want in return?
A: Nothing. Well, except for advertisers to see this and turn me into an influencer. A dadfluencer if you will. For me to become wildly rich and live like a Kardashian. i.e. in a mansion, not hanging out in a bikini. So, as I said, pretty much nothing.
Q: What are your tips for expectant fathers/parents?
A: I’ve got a whole list of them here: DadMan’s top 10 tips for expectant fathers/parents.
Q: Can I just have a taste of your cape?
A: Get back you filthy savage.
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